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First-authored papers

Cooray, S.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Kashino, D.; Yoshida, S. A.; Ma, H.; Kono, K. T.; "Galaxy Manifold: Characterizing and understanding galaxies with two parameters", MNRAS, submitted (arxiv:2210.05862)

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Co-authored papers

Matsui, S. A.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Kono, K. T.; Cooray, S.; “Photometric Observations and Period Analysis of an SU UMa-type Dwarf Nova, MASTER OT J004527.52+503213.8”, (arxiv:2303.14558)

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Sorai, K.; ... ; Cooray, S.; et. al. , "CO Multi-line Imaging of Nearby Galaxies (COMING). IV. Overview of the project", 2019, PASJ, 71, 1, S14